Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Celebrity Crush

This is absolutely pointless, but I careth not!

This man has such georgeous, haunting eyes and good looks from some bygone era. Everything in space must have been aligned perfectly the night he was conceived. Haha. I can already tell that he's not going to age too well though.

Anywho as shallow as this may sound my future husband has got to have gorgeous eyes. I don't care if he's black, white, mexican, asian, whatever. I want to be mesmerized by his eyes.


Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Girl, high five on this one! That's something I can proudly say I have a good track record with, with my ex's. ALL of em have STUNNING eyes! It's a rule I made for myself when I was like 9 or something.

I think it's partly to do with the fact that I have purdy eyes. And I deserve the same in return lol.

Jude is looking haaauntingly gorgeous in this pic indeed. But I don't like him no' mo'. I usually turn off of people when they get huge in LaLa land, save for Jake G. hehehee.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Ps. Nice template change. Real clean lookin'.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Not Your Average Jane said...

Haha. I agree. My eyes are my best feature, so yeah it's only fair.

It's funny I have never seen any Jude Law movies at all.

Thanks it was time for a change. It reminds me of clean fresh white sheets straight out of the dryer. Haha.

9:09 PM  
Blogger jasdye said...


9:28 PM  
Blogger Not Your Average Jane said...

i couldn't have said it better myself.

10:53 PM  

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