Saturday, January 28, 2006


I was bored so I opened up blogger comments and kept refreshing the window to see if I could find any captcha verification words that resembled real ones. Look what I came up with in the first two tries. Haha.

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Blogger jasdye said...

from the same river flows fresh water AND salt water! i would've never guessed.

fapqs. (that's the new gay cowboy movie coming out in march, directed by guy maddin)

9:54 PM  
Blogger Not Your Average Jane said...

Haha! Are you talking about Brokeback Mountain or whatever?

Anyway off topic, but did you see that movie about the four (three) missionaries? I heard that the man acting as Jim Elliott is openly gay.

I want to see it as long as he's not portraying Jim Elliott as gay in the movie.

8:33 AM  
Blogger jasdye said...

seeing it tomorrow with friends.

not jim elliot, but one of the other missionaries, steve saint.

and yeah, the character has about as little to do w/ homosexuality as does ian mckellen's gandalf.

too much homophobia in the conservative christian movement. thank you very not, james dobson.

my question is, why should anyone care about brokeback mountain. gay cowboys. big stinkin' deal. south park introduced that idea three years ago. is it a good movie? from what i hear, not really.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

from someone who's actually seen the movie, it's not even solely about gay cowboys. there are TONS of other relationships being explored in the flick, and if anything i think that's what makes it controversial. these 2 'fapqs' finding love in the midst of a heavily traditional hetero world.

health ledger didnt need to do this role to prove he's a great actor. he did that in The Patriot.

As for Jake Gyllenhaal the on-and-off-again love of my life, he's genius and once again didnt need this role. did y'all NOT see Donnie Darko or The Good Girl? Heck, even Moonlight Mile? Superrrb.

people make more of a big deal about Brokeback than they do about Transamerica. if anything THAT film should have jaws dropping, but it doesnt.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Not Your Average Jane said...

Mmmyeah Jake Gyllenhaal...

2:51 PM  

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